..:: FanyArt ::..

Real name: Iva Fany Vyhnánková

Pseudonym: Fany (older: Fany 001)

Location: Czech Republic

Email: FanyArt(at)Gmail(dot)com


• MICHAEL - Private Secondary School of Creation of Advertisement (to present time)


• English

Computing skills:

Graphics: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Quark-XPress, ImageReady, Jasc Paint Shop Pro

WebDesign: HTML, CSS, basic PHP

Other: Microsoft Word

• I'm able to learn new things - I love it! :)

Work experiences:

• Wrote and illustrated a book named "Froddy - The Friend from Primeval", published in Portál, 2005

• Working for 21st Century Junior magazine

• Making webdesign


• Drawing, painting, digital art, computers, webdesign, webcomics, animation, animals, nature, fossils, cacti & sukulents, mysteries, caves, adventure, technics, robots...

Current projects:

Asheron - online comic

Dragon Heroes - online comic

Save the World - online comic (not officially running yet)

FanyArt - improvements, new subwebs: Tutorials, Blog, Stories, other comics, some info about my lovely pets :3

Illustrations for 21st Century Junior magazine

Fun stuff:

Main original characters: Max, Mini, Asheron, Danstin, Mirrage, Fayllen, Stacey (dragon), Zeero, Zephire, Dark, Pixelay.exe, Coocoo, Mooldinca, Angeelo, Teeny, Froddy, Alex, Tina, Luce, Stacey (human), Jack, Andy, Maxim, Kim, Jessica, Gee, Bobby, Ixkipp, Disco, Raymond, Faethron, Otarion + a lot of supporting characters :)

Great Dream: To move to the USA and work at cartoon and 3D animation projects in some large film studio such as Dreamworks, Pixar & etc.

Pets: One rabbit, two guinea-pigs and two parrots ... and I want a crocodile :)

Likes: Animals, computers, tablet, good ideas